Steorn: The Dream Lives On

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In an article from today's Irish Times they mention that the Steorn Jury has returned a unanimous verdict. Strangely though - the jury's own official website lists only 16 names as jurors. Since the statement was made Free Energy Truth has posed the question to the jury on their forum and despite replies to other questions - this one at the time of writing, still remains unanswered.

Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy in response to the verdict said:
“The jury hasn’t found they support the claims. We would dispute that.”

“The situation was we had engaged them in February 2007 and went through a process with them,” Mr McCarthy said. Two years have passed however and the jury clearly decided that enough was enough.

It posted an announcement on its website that it was disbanding.

The dream lives on, however, as Steorn prepares to begin licensing its Orbo technology “definitely before the end of the year”, Mr McCarthy said.



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