SKDB 300 - Starts June 18th

Monday, June 1, 2009

Steorn continues to follow objectives in it's plan for the launch of it's free energy technology platform - Orbo.

A prospective SKDB 300 member has recently published an email sent by Steorn in the Steorn Forums which indicates that the process involving the SKDB300 will begin on Thursday 18th June when e-learning modules relating to the principles of the Orbo technology platform will start to be published to the SKDB.

The email explains that 3 modules will be presented every Thursday for 10 weeks making a total of 30. According to the email, the last set of modules will be published on August 20th.

The SKDB - Steorn Knowledge Development Base is a vibrant online community comprising the following.

The SKDB is a learning and knowledge base designed to explain, employ and expand the science, engineering and intellectual property comprising Orbo technology.

The SKDB is a global collaboration and development centre designed to facilitate sharing, collaboration and the further development of Orbo technology.

The SKDB is a commercialisation platform for building and deploying Orbo applications worldwide.

The SKDB is the environment for the Orbo energy revolution.

Who will join and why?

At present the SKDB is in trial mode and is not accessible to the general public, but will be following the public launch. This will allow equal access from corporations to individuals who wish to develop / research Orbo technology.

From the most recent press release: "2009 represents a turning point for Steorn, Orbo and our other technology ranges," said CEO Sean McCarthy. "It marks the end of a long cycle of R&D and sees us making a strong push towards commercialisation - our plans show the business reaching profitability in the next 12 to 18 months."



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