Press Response To Orbo Demo

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

There are certain times of the year that the press refer to as "The Silly Season". A time when hard and fast news is thin on the ground and the silliness factor comes into play.

What kind of stories you may ask get printed in the silly season? Well, to be honest stories about cat's that can play the harmonica, stories about how someone returned a library book 53 years after they'd taken it out from the library, and stories about a man marrying a goat or something?

But the best stories are the ones that involve free energy. Over the years there have been many and it is no wonder the press and indeed public treat them with contempt.

However, every now and then something comes along that defies logic. Orbo for example.

Count on this my friends, the press will at this stage fail to realise with confidence that the free energy claims are indeed true and we are dealing with the biggest story in recent history. There will be a middle-of-the-road cautious approach taken to presenting the story as factual.

Top marks will go to any newspaper or media that "beleive' in the story and treat it with any seriousness.

I'm guessing the BBC won't touch it with a barge poll, since they always like to play it safe, but this story is a tabloid winner, and let's be honest the biggest selling newspapers are tabloids.

Incidentally, rather bizzarely the best previous coverage was from none other than (you'll choke on your coffee when you hear this) FOX News!!!

Neil Cavuto did a fantastic job of interviewing Sean and FOX treated the story with surprising seriousness. Now maybe it was the producer's day off or he had to go to an Illuminati meeting or something, but it's true - FOX done good.

Let's hope they all realise that this IS the scoop of the millenium.



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