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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fed up with constantly going round the myriad of eCat sites and blogs trying to find the latest news?  So are we.  That's why we've created eCatNow! 

Introducing eCatNow! NewsFeed
The number of sites tracking the story of Andrea Rossi and his revolutionary energy technology has exploded in the last few weeks and will only get bigger as we approach the 1MW plant launch in October and beyond.

 A screenshot of our eCat NewsFeed

eCatNow is the definitive FREE Newsfeed Service tracking ALL the ecat news stories and latest developments accross EVERY major news and blog site on the internet. We monitor all these sites, so that you don't have to waste time. We will publish the headline and the first couple of sentences with a link to the full story at each resepective blog. For a full list of the sites we monitor look here and it's growing every day!

eCat News Delivered
Our eCat NewsFeed Service will deliver new and breaking ecat articles and blogposts direct to your inbox. You can subscribe easily to this FREE service on the bottom left of the eCatNow! homepage.
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Don't miss any information on the biggest discovery since Fire. Make sure you know first!
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