Steorn Appoints Key Business Leaders To Board

Friday, April 15, 2011

Steorn have appointed 5 new directors to the board of the company, all having very extensive experience in business leadership.  The reshuffle comes amid a period of intense development by Steorn on developing a real world application of their technology in the form of high powered heaters based on Orbo technology.

"Steorn announces the addition of new directors to the board of the company with the addition of a new company Secretary, a position previously held by Sean McCarthy.

CEO and director Sean McCarthy says "we are pleased to announce the addition of five new directors to the board, their background and experience will compliment Steorn as we continue the process of bringing Orbo enabled products to market".

As we reported recently, Steorn have been putting small pieces of information out through Twitter recently.

"3 kW - in the palm or your hand - just so cool!" was tweeted on March 28th and then quickly followed by a reply to a question from another Twitter user.

Nondual - @SteornOfficial no pics? no videos?

"SteornOfficial - @nondual Yep, within the next 4 weeks we plan to release info on a 15 kW heating element."

This latest strengthening of the Steorn team would suggest that they will indeed enter the marketplace with a real-world application later this year.

Read the press release here.

Steorn Twitter Feed



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