Steorn: The Experiments Coming In January

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the last hour or so Steorn have updated a thread in their forum outlining the next experiments proving Orbo is an overunity technology.

During January we will be doing a sequence of live experiments - these will be streamed and then posted on our YouTube channel.

The sequence is as follows:

(1) Confirming that all the electrical energy input into an eOrbo interaction is output as heat.

(2) Confirming that there is no change in the domain energy of the components that make up an eOrbo interaction.

(3) Input to Output measurements - confirming eOrbo is Over Unity.

Thats the sequence - if you have any (rational) requests with respect to the first of the above three experiments, please post them in this thread.



Also Sean responded to a question posed:

Tesl01D:Does this involve Calorimeters?

Steorn: "No the live experiments will not use a calorimeter due to practical reasons - instead Joules 1st Law will be applied to calculate heat output. However we will be publishing full calorimeter tests before the end of January - you will be able to download these from our site."

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