Steorn: "Full launch before next summer"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steorn anticipates a full launch before next summer, and says any further public demonstrations of the technology will now coincide with the commercial launch.

The company claims the technology can generate substantial amounts of excess energy by using a particular system for constructing magnetic fields. If proven, it says Orbo could allow for the creation of infinite amounts of clean, free and constant energy.

It has selected a worldwide jury of 22 scientists to examine its claims, and says validation of the technology is happening in "several forms", including this process.

Asked why it is taking so long to complete, a spokesman for the company said the process is a "complicated one, and has been affected by continued development of the technology by Steorn".

He added that no details of those involved in the jury process will be released "until the process is complete".

Source: Sunday Tribune / Ireland

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