Sword Of God Videos: Archer Quinn

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sword of God Videos From Archer Quinn.

Archer has recently released released some basic build "teaching videos" of his "sword of god" machine. The countdown to June 20th has began on one of the pages of his website where he will be posting lots of pictures, vidoes and instructions on how to build his "sword of god" device.

The device will apparently sustain motion through exploiting gravity and the clever use of magnets.

Sword Of God: Teaching Video 1

Sword Of God: Teaching Video 2

Sword Of God: Teaching Video 3

Archer also had this to say.

"Each afternnon I will load a series of these and some video, and on the day the finished machine itself. With specs, although they may be a day or two late as I am just writing them now, with speeds and weight changes so you can get an idea of what increases speed and what decreases it. Hopefully I will leave you in better stead than Bessler did."

Whether we will see a video of a working machine on June 20th remains to be seen.



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