BREAKING: WhipMag Designer Makes Public Statement

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Public Statement by "Overconfident": reproduced exactly

"There's magic, or serendipity at work here. Al constructed this device merely to prove to me that what I was seeing in my dream was pure fantasy, that OU from magnets was not possible."

"He still believes this."

"And I am willing to accept that as well, once it has been rigorously studied. Other than a whimsical name I first used (MPMM), I have not made any claims for this device and I half expect it to be nothing more than a curiosity. But the other half thinks this might be the greatest discovery since fire."

"During prototype construction, Al discovered some unexpected behavior. He has not made any claims for the device either, simply demonstrated the anomaly he has seen. He and I are both encouraging further study and we are participating in the effort to the extent we are individually capable."

"If you want to better understand what's happening here, build it, study it, create your own theories. Please don't attack us for what we have shared. "

Everything I might know has been posted here in the Steorn forum.

The effect discovered by Al is not even something I would have expected. If you look at my graphics and animations, you will see that I was considering a much larger and slower device, using many more magnets.

The effect you saw in the video was completely unexpected, just a fluke. It may well be the only thing worth the effort to explain. Still, it appears to be something new and interesting. I still would like to see my original concept constructed and analyzed.

I'm truly sorry I am not able to explain what's happening in the device. That was why I tried to discuss some of my thoughts with others much more knowledgable.

All of them scoffed at the idea, including Al. I am just an aging baby boomer with a high-school education. I had an idea that appears to never have been examined by an inquisitive mind. And that is all I'm asking for.Al is my angel. At least he took some of his time to try and demonstrate to me, at my level, how this idea "Cannot Possibly Work". That's more than anyone else was willing to do. Nobody here can possibly miss his presence more than I do.

Doing what I have has turned my life upside down. I have a job, a family, and other pressing matters to take care of. I need to get back to that. I have been trying to see this through at least until someone else is able to replicate the effect. If the heat gets too great, I may vanish before that happens.

I hope I have been able to cover my tracks well enough to avoid public exposure. If there are MiBs out there, I'm sure they know who I am already. That doesn't concern me, eliminating me at this point would not solve their problem. What does concern me is public attention. It would probably kill me even more effectively and more painfully than anything the MiB could do.

I don't want money. I don't want fame.

I just want my idea to get a fair hearing, and to get back to a "normal" life.(If I have my way, this is about as close as you'll get to an interview with me)



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