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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The article, written by Mark Harris is featured in Metro and is a few weeks late in publishing. It covers the events of the Kinetica Demo and gives a "too brief to be brief" synopsis on the Steorn story so far.
The opening paragraph begins with infantile references to Captain Kirk and Scotty, so already we know the editorial spin and dirtection Metro want to take it's readers on.
Next it's a chance to dwell on the Kinetica demo and how bearing failure caused a premature end to the public demo. As I read I was thinking to myself - "When will they wheel out the token physicist who disagrees with the claims"?.

Then in the next paragraph my expectations were not disappointed. Dr Claudia Eberlein (who?) informs us that "there has been a mistake" and "any physicist will tell you that you have to have Conservation of Energy".
Then we had another token homage paid to Cold Fusion by Eberlain which she dismisses out of hand (despite the US navy's ongoing interest in cold fusion). Maybe she doesn't read newpapers herself?

Despite Steorn engaging 22 of the worlds best physicists in a "prove it or not" jury, it is not given any airtime or proper discussion by Metro despite the fact that this is crucial to the unfolding process of validation and critical to the reader's understanding of Steorn's seriousness.
As a last throw of the debunking dice, we are treated to another winner from those insightful people at Metro. The last paragraph states "maybe Orbo does work and the London demo was sabotaged by big oil".
Although I have absolutely no doubt that the energy industry has bought off patents and inventors over the years, I'm afraid that big oil or the men in black had nothing to do with the failure of the bearings at Kinetica.
'm not even going to mention that the picture they used a picture of a Sean and a test rig from last year and that Orbo (displayed at Kinetica) is nowhere to be seen despite many references to it. It seems Metro's picture editor is also hard up for time.
The article's only saving grace is that it ends quickly, leaving Dr Eberlain to get back to her day-job and Metro to resume writing on their core subjects - A story about a cat being rescued out of a tree or a dog that can skateboard or something etc etc...




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