Steorn Orbo 'Power Cube' Demo - From Friday at Slattery's Pub, Dublin

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So you invent a perpetual motion machine of the first kind.  Where do you choose to demo it first?  The National Physics Laboratory, The CERN facility?  The Smithsonian?

Nope. Slattery's Pub, Dublin of course. No joke.

So if you are new to all this, here's a brief recap...

Perpetual Commotion

Dublin based technology company Steorn are no strangers to controversy. In 2006 they announced to the world that they had discovered a way of utilizing the magnetic fields of certain magnets (Neodymium magnets) to provide a GAIN of energy. The name of this technology - ORBO.

Naturally, the scientific world scoffed at the very idea of perpetual motion as has been the case for several centuries.  The problem being that the Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created, but that it can only change form - one of the fundamental principles of physics that this device defies.

Later in 2007 a prototype was to demonstrated at Kinetica art gallery in London. The demo failed before it started due to technical problems.  The company later successfully demonstrated another prototype  pulse-motor variant at The Waterways museum in Dublin, but generally speaking they have been working behind closed doors since 2009.

With not much visible on the surface, all bets were off until Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy gradually began drip-feeding the odd nugget of information here and there for the last year through his personal Facebook page (documented in previous blogposts here).

ORBO - 'Power Cube'
Power Cube

In only the last few days we've seen the first photos of what looks like the Steorn 'Power Cube'.  As yet no official specifications have been released, nor does anything appear on the firm's official website, but the device is rumoured to have a number of USB ports from which you can plug in your household electronic devices such as mobile phones and have them magically charged - all without any need for the power company's involvement. It's difficult to get a gauge for the size, but perhaps 20-30 cm sqaure would be an approximation?

The post on Slattery's Facebook page.

Yesterday a post appeared on the Facebook page of Slattery's pub (screen-capture above). Among other things, it said -  "Come down to Slattery's Pub this week and witness this Black Beauty charge ppl phones or laptops without ever needing a recharge or external power source. Orbo's Power Cube is real magic. It twists the above laws inside out."

If you are in the Dublin area you can go along and see the device in person - maybe even get your phone charged for free.
Address is: Slattery's Pub, 62 Grand Canal Street, Dublin

Close up of Logo and what appears to be an LED panel?

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Keith May 7, 2015 at 4:46 AM  

All the Steorn sites seem to be down, just blank pages. Hephaheat as well??

FE Truth May 7, 2015 at 7:30 AM  

Hi Keith - yes. Something new to appear here soon ;)

Anonymous,  June 18, 2015 at 6:00 PM  

Yes. Something new to appear here dublin based technology company Steorn are no strangers to controversy.

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